About GCI

Gulf Coast Immigration (GCI) was founded by Sujin Kim to meet the growing needs for comprehensive services in all aspects of immigration, including immigration and nationality law and related resources, for American and foreign businesses, and individuals in the southern Gulf Coast region, in particular Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi.


GCI has experience and training in the highly specialized and complex practice area of Immigration Law. GCI represents and advises both business and individual clients through providing a myriad of services that enable them to achieve specific objectives and goals such as employing foreign workers to run their business successfully and seeking appropriate visas, green card, or citizenship to live and work in the U.S.


GCI handles all aspects of employment and family based immigrant and non-immigrant visas for foreign students, investors, executives, managers, professionals, and other workers and their family members.  GCI also provides immigration resources and guidance on global migration for international companies in managing the immigration process for their employees worldwide.


GCI strives to fulfill business and individual clients’ legal and other immigration related needs. The founder’s personal experience as an immigrant in addition to her legal and business background, gives GCI a unique and practical perspective in providing services with a sense of resourcefulness and with compassion for those in need. GCI is dedicated to providing immigration related legal services of the highest quality in a timely, courteous, cost-effective and ethical manner.