Investment Visas (EB-5 Program)

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The Employment Fifth Preference, Investment Visas were created when the U.S. Congress enacted the Immigration and Nationality Act 1990 (“Immigration Act of 1990”) to attract entrepreneurial immigrants to the United States who would help stimulate the U.S. economy by investing the required capital in the U.S. and creating jobs for U.S. workers in the process. Approximately 10,000 Investment Visas are allocated annually.  


Qualified foreign investors must: 1) create a new commercial enterprise and actually have invested, or be in the process of investing at least $1 million, (or at least $500,000 if the investment were made in a “targeted employment area” and, as a result, would create the required numbers of jobs); 2) benefit the U.S. economy through creating at least ten full-time jobs or save at least ten jobs in a “troubled business” for qualified U.S. workers. Once alien entrepreneurs satisfy these requirements and prove the completion of the requirements, they can be then granted permanent lawful resident status. 


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