Ground of Inadmissibility Waivers

Gulf Coast Immigration (GCI) offers services to individual clients in regard to the ground of inadmissibility waivers process.


Grounds of deportation/removal from the United States are divided into two different categories under the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act (“INA”): (1) Grounds of Inadmissibility under § 212(a); and (2) Grounds of Deportation under § 237(a)(1)(A).  In brief, the grounds of inadmissibility are applied to individuals that are seeking admission (entry) to the United States and who have not yet been admitted.  The grounds of deportation/removal apply to individuals who have been admitted to the U.S. and who are physically located within the U.S., but who became deportable/removable based upon certain violation of law. Note that certain grounds of criminal inadmissibility are waiveable under the INA.


Please Contact GCI for more information on the process and eligibility to waive the grounds of inadmissibility.